(MT Newswires) -- AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot stresses that investors should focus on forecasts for 2024. He stresses the importance of long-term growth for the company. He adds that the company has reached the top end of its guidance range for revenues and EPS in 2023.
AstraZeneca has made significant progress in oncology, becoming one of the leaders in this field. The company has also made progress in cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory and rare diseases. 
Soriot also mentions AstraZeneca's entry into the obesity market, with the development of products that help people lose fat without losing muscle. The company recently acquired a licence for an oral GLP-1 that will be combined with other drugs for organ protection and the treatment of obesity.
The director explained that China remains essential for AstraZeneca because of its large number of patients and its growing role in global innovation. The company has established partnerships with Chinese companies and recently acquired a company specialising in cell therapy.

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