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  • Overall, the company has poor fundamentals for a medium to long-term investment strategy.
  • From a short-term investment perspective, the company presents a deteriorated fundamental configuration.


  • The group's activity appears highly profitable thanks to its outperforming net margins.
  • Its low valuation, with P/E ratio at 6.17 and 5.87 for the ongoing fiscal year and 2025 respectively, makes the stock pretty attractive with regard to earnings multiples.
  • This company will be of major interest to investors in search of a high dividend stock.
  • The difference between current prices and the average target price is rather important and implies a significant appreciation potential for the stock.


  • According to Standard & Poor's' forecast, revenue growth prospects are expected to be very low for the next fiscal years.
  • The company's currently anticipated earnings per share (EPS) growth for the next few years is a notable weakness.
  • The company's enterprise value to sales, at 4.05 times its current sales, is high.
  • Revenue estimates are regularly revised downwards for the current and coming years.
  • Over the past four months, analysts' average price target has been revised downwards significantly.

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