(MT Newswires) -- Airbus is in an advantageous position to capitalise on the challenges facing Boeing. Airlines, currently considering fleet renewal, may be tempted to switch suppliers because of concerns about the quality of Boeing's aircraft. Despite the complexities involved in switching manufacturers, particularly in terms of training and investment, the aerospace industry is looking to the future with the next generation of aircraft.

The story of Airbus, since the launch of the A320 in 1987, illustrates the changing dynamics of the sector. The A320, initially seen as an outsider to Boeing's 737, is now the world's best-selling commercial aircraft. Technological innovations such as the all-electronic cockpit and fly-by-wire concept have been key factors in this success.

Today, Airbus is looking to the future with plans for aircraft using sustainable fuels, with advanced cockpit technologies and revolutionary aerodynamic designs, such as wings that can be modulated in flight and wingtips that can be folded to adapt to existing airport infrastructures.

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