The board of directors of Agricultural Bank of China Limited announced that, due to work adjustment, Mr. FU Wanjun has tendered his resignation as the vice chairman of the Board, an executive director, the president, a member of the Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development Committee, the chairman and a member of the County Area Banking Business and Inclusive Finance Development Committee and a member of Nomination and
Remuneration Committee of the Board of the Bank. Mr. FU Wanjun was delivered to the Board and took effect on 26 December 2023. Mr. FU Wanjun has confirmed that he has no disagreement with the Board and does not have any matters in relation to his resignation that should be brought to the attention of the shareholders or creditors of the Bank. During his tenure at the Bank, Mr. FU Wanjun, being pragmatic and proactive, performed his duties faithfully with diligence and commitment, and efficiently promoted the strategy implementation, actively contributed to transformation and development of business operation, and continuously strengthened risk and compliance management and control with outstanding progresses achieved in all aspects of work. The Board would like to express its sincere gratitude to Mr. FU Wanjun for his prominent contributions to the development of the Bank.