Agricultural Bank of China Limited at its meeting held on 28 March 2024 it was resolved to appoint Ms. LIU Qing as company secretary and authorised representative of the Bank, and to appoint Ms. NG Sau Mei as joint company secretary of the Bank. LIU Qing, born in March 1970, holds a master's degree in economics from Jilin University and is a senior economist. She previously served as deputy general manager of Seoul Branch and general manager of Frankfurt Branch of the Bank. Since July 2020, she has served as the general manager of the International Banking Department of the Bank. NG Sau Mei, born in July 1977, is a Hong Kong resident. She currently serves as the director and head of the Listing Services Department of TMF Hong Kong Limited. Ms. NG has been a member of The Chartered Governance Institute in the United Kingdom and The Hong Kong Chartered
Governance Institute ("HKCGI") since 2007, and a senior member of HKCGI since 2019. Ms. NG obtained a bachelor's degree in law from the City University of Hong Kong in November 2001 and a master's degree in law from the University of London in the United Kingdom in December 2017.