Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. announced that it has passed the midpoint of its project as part of the Shell GameChanger program. The Shell GameChanger program is an accelerator designed to partner with businesses to deliver innovative solutions that have the potential to drastically impact the future of energy and the transition to net-zero emissions. Aduro was selected by the Shell GameChanger program to apply its novel Hydrochemolytic??

Technology ("HCT") to produce sustainable Naphtha Cracker feedstock derived from waste polyethylene and polypropylene, either separately or on a mixed basis. With the successful completion of the first three of six phases, Aduro has now passed the halfway mark of the program and is underway with the tasks outlined for phase four. The tasks outlined for the first three phases involved evaluating the performance of HCT using pure and mixed plastic feeds, measuring the impact of HCT when contaminants are present, and understanding and optimizing the key additives in the process for effectiveness and economics.

All three phases achieved results that aligned with mutually agreed performance targets. In July 2023, Aduro initiated its commissioning runs of the pilot-scale continuous flow reactor for Hydrochemolytic?? Plastic Upcycling ("R2 Plastic").

The commissioning aligns well with the performance targets outlined for phase four. During this phase Aduro will be demonstrating the efficiency of HCT process in a continuous flow set-up, focusing on operability, product quality, and yield. Additionally, Aduro will be examining how the process transitions from batch to a continuous system and evaluating the 'tunability' to maximize naphtha cracker feed yield.

Aduro is targeting completion of the 6-phase GameChanger program by the end of calendar year 2023. The Shell GameChanger programs provides non-dilutive funding and technical expertise to help Aduro develop reliable process designs and optimize the HCT technology for commercial implementation. The program also advisors Aduro in developing their commercial strategy and market position.