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Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 61 91-01-31
Director of Finance/CFO - 19-01-31
Compliance Officer - -
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
61 -
Director/Board Member 61 23-10-12
Director/Board Member 53 23-10-12
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Activision Blizzard, Inc. is a world leader in designing, publishing, and distributing interactive video gaming software for game consoles and computers. The activity is organized around two sectors: - publishing of gaming software: software designed by the group or by third-party developers; - distribution of third-party software. Net sales break down by source of income into sales of products (21.8%) and other (78.2%; sales of subscriptions, licenses, etc.). Activision Blizzard, Inc. owns a catalogue of titles drawn from trademarked names and franchises (Heartstone, Call of Duty, StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Skylanders, Diablo and Destiny). Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: Americas (55.9%), Europe/Middle East/Africa (29.7%) and Asia/Pacific (14.4%).
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