(Alliance News) - On Monday, major European stock markets remain in the positive zone at mid-session, except for the Mib, which continues to move in negative territory, thanks to last week's reduction in geopolitical tensions, on a poor day in terms of macroeconomic data.

Thus, the FTSE Mib is in the red by 1.0 percent to 33,595.95, the Mid-Cap is in the green by 0.1 percent to 46,087.60, the Small-Cap is up by 0.5 percent to 27,930.85, and Italy Growth is in the red by 0.1 percent to 8,040.75.

In Europe, Paris' CAC 40 is in the green by 0.2 percent, London's FTSE 100 is up 1.4 percent, and Frankfurt's DAX 40 is in the green by 0.5 percent.

On the Mib, Banca Popolare di Sondrio advances 1.7 percent followed by Nexi, BPER Banca, and Monte dei Paschi, with rises between 1.7 percent and 1.6 percent.

Iveco remains at the bottom as at the opening and gives up 3.6 percent. The company's board of directors announced that Olof Persson will replace Gerrit Marx in the role of group CEO effective July 1, when Gerrit Marx will leave Iveco Group to take over as CEO at CNH Industrial.

Stellantis rises 1.2 percent. The company reported that sales fell in Europe in March, in line with the negative trend in the performance of the European market, where registrations fell 5.2 percent year-on-year. As data from ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, showed Thursday, the merged giant of PSA Groupe and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles posted an 8.7 percent drop compared to March 2023, with market share down to 16.5 percent in March from 17.6 percent in March 2023.

On the Mid-Cap, OVS is up 1.7 percent. The company announced Thursday that it ended the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2024 with a reported net profit of EUR52.4 million, up from EUR39.6 million in the same period last year. The board of directors proposed a dividend of EUR0.07 from EUR0.06 as of Jan. 31, 2023. Net sales stood at EUR1.54 billion from EUR1.51 billion as of January 31, 2023.

Juventus Football Club - in the green by 2.8 percent - on Wednesday evening announced that, with reference to the arbitration judgment instituted by former player Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro against the company, the Arbitration Board transmitted to the parties the award rendered in the dispute, stipulating that the company is obliged to pay a sum of approximately EUR9.8 million. The figure corresponds to half of the former member's demand of about EUR19.6 million.

On the Small-Cap, CSP International - in the red by 0.3 percent - reported that it ended 2023 with a net profit of EUR100,000, down from EUR500,000 as of Dec. 31, 2022.

Sales in the period stood at EUR91.6 million from EUR94.2 million in 2022.

Bialetti Industrie gives up 3.1 percent, after rising more than 14 percent after reporting that it ended 2023 with revenues up 6.1 percent to EUR141.2 million from EUR133.1 million a year earlier. Ebitda increased to EUR19.2 million from EUR16.1 million a year earlier while operating income rose to EUR14.9 million from EUR11.1 million in 2022.

Tessellis -- in the green by 13 percent -- reported Friday that it had received a notice from Jefferies Financial Group Inc. in connection with the acquisition of the indirect controlling interest.

Specifically, Jefferies Financial Group notified the company of the acquisition of the majority of voting rights in Opnet - which holds 59.26 percent of Tessellis' share capital - through its subsidiary BEI Italia Wireless, following the conversion of convertible preferred shares into ordinary shares, held by BEI Italia Wireless in Opnet.

IGD - in the green by 3.5 percent - announced Thursday that its board of directors, appointed earlier in the day by the shareholders' meeting for the three-year period 2024 - 2026, elected Antonio Rizzi as chairman of the board of directors, Edy Gambetti as vice chairman and Roberto Zoia as managing director and general manager.

Among SMEs, Redelfi - in the red by 0.6 percent - announced on Monday that it has signed, through its wholly owned U.S.-registered subsidiary Redelfi Corporation, with Elio Energy Group LLC, a U.S. developer already a partner in BESS Power Corporation, the operating agreements for the development of an additional 2.4 GW of Battery Energy Storage System projects in the U.S. territory.

The new pipeline will be developed by the U.S.-registered newco Redelio Renewables LLC, in which Redelfi Corp. and Elio Group have a 50 percent stake, respectively.

Comal -- in the green by 0.9 percent -- announced Monday that it has signed a series of contracts for the supply of the "Sun Hunter" tracker with leading Italian operator operating in the country, with a total value of about EUR1.6 million.

Eles drops 3.4 percent after it reported Thursday that ATS Engineering, SEMI Test Laboratory in Israel, an investee company of the group since 2019, announced that it has signed with iNPACK - PCB Technologies Company -, a joint venture to create the first Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly And Test in the Middle East.

Gismondi 1754 rises 3.4 percent after it reported ending the first quarter of the year with sales revenues of EUR4.4 million, up 5.0 percent from EUR4.2 million in Q1 2023.

Monnalisa--in the red by 0.7 percent--reported Friday that its board of directors approved the completion of a related-party transaction with Jafin involving the reduction of rents related to two properties located in Milan and the termination by mutual consent of the lease agreement related to the property located in Arezzo.

The parties agreed to reduce the rent for property 1 and 2 in Milan from EUR140,000 per year each to EUR72,000 per year effective January 1, 2024.

Convergences, which does not yet trade, reported Friday that the board of directors reviewed preliminary operating revenues as of March 31, 2024. Thus, in the first quarter of the year, the company posted revenues of EUR6.0 million, up 19 percent from EUR5.0 million in the same period of 2023.

The board also approved the establishment of a limited liability company under Albanian law.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed in the green 1.0 percent to 37,438.61, the Hang Seng finished in the green 1.8 percent to 16,511.69, and the Shanghai Composite closed in the red 0.7 percent to 3,044.60.

In New York on Friday, the Dow Jones closed in the green by 0.6 percent to 37,986.40, the S&P finished in the red by 0.9 percent to 4,967.23, and the Nasdaq closed down 2.1 percent to 15,282.01.

Among currencies, the euro changed hands at USD1.0650 from USD1.0663 in Friday's European stock close while the pound was worth USD1.2346 from USD1.2409 on Friday evening.

Among commodities, Brent crude is worth USD86.72 a barrel from USD87.17 a barrel Friday night and gold trades at USD2,360.40 an ounce from USD2,390.98 an ounce Friday night.

Monday afternoon's macro calendar features an auction of 3-month and 6-month US Treasury bonds.

By Chiara Bruschi, Alliance News reporter

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