Piazza Affari extends early-day rise amid positive sentiment across Europe, also ahead of a good start on Wall Street, according to futures forecasts.

The rebound of banks after the recent turmoil and the positive intonation of the auto sector on signs of dialogue between the EU and China on tariffs are the drivers of the day across Europe, at the start of a week that will be marked by the wait for the first round of elections in France on the one hand and the U.S. inflation (Pce) data on the other.

Around 12:20 p.m., the Ftse Mib rose 1.1 percent but with modest volumes of less than 800 million euros.

Among the stocks in the spotlight:

Banks rebound after recent declines, with the sector index up 2.4%. Bper Banca (+4.7%) and Mps (+3.9%) in particular shine, among the most popular candidates for the banking resurgence, although Unipol chairman Cimbri reiterated that the Emilian institution has a path of autonomy already mapped out and there is nothing new "in the immediate future."

Also lively were Unicredit (+3%), which began the third tranche of the buyback, and Banco Bpm (+2.6%).

In the automotive sector Stellantis rises 1.8%, as does Brembo. Provisional duties announced by the European Union to impose tariffs of up to 38.1 percent on electric vehicle imports from China are scheduled to take effect July 4. Brussels and Beijing agreed to begin talks after a phone call over the weekend between European Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis and Chinese Trade Minister Wang Wentao.

Fincantieri (+8.7%) remains highly volatile on the first day of the capital increase, with rights jumping more than 20% as investors adjust their positions in light of the 400 million recapitalization (+100 million in warrants) aimed at acquiring Uas (formerly Wass) from Leonardo.

(Claudia Cristoferi, editing Gianluca Semeraro)