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3,235 JPY -0.28% Intraday chart for Daiwa ETF MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index ETF - JPY -1.37% +19.07%
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Investment objective

The Fund will invest in stocks that are included and scheduled to be included in MSCI JAPAN EMPOWERING WOMEN INDEX to match the rate of change of NAV per unit of the Fund to that of MSCI JAPAN EMPOWERING WOMEN INDEX.The MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index (the Index) aims to represent the performance of those Japanese companies selected by MSCI Inc. that exhibits a commitment towards promoting and maintaining a high level of gender diversity among their workforce. Based on data on gender diversity disclosed by the Act on Promotion of Female Activities and disclosure information of companies from each industry excluding J-REITs, MSCI Inc. selects top 50% companies with high gender diversity scores. In addition, companies that are experiencing very severe controversies in general and severe controversies related to human rights and labor rights are excluded. Constituent weights are determined by market cap, Gender Diversity Score and Quality score which is calculated from 3 metrics ROE, Debt/Equity ratio and earnings variability. The Index is rebalanced on semi-annual basis, usually as of the close of the last business day of May and November.
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3,116 JPY -0.38%-3.20%+20.29%4.31%
5,444 JPY -0.51%+0.04%+54.26%4.01%
34,950 JPY +0.11%+1.42%+38.39%3.86%
8,481 JPY +1.41%-3.13%+15.25%3.33%
7,894 JPY 0.00%+1.87%+32.38%3.18%
18,705 JPY -0.32%-1.71%+6.13%3.18%
4,222 JPY -1.61%-0.96%-5.88%2.56%
7,538 JPY +2.17%+2.53%+30.71%2.32%
3,190 JPY +1.56%-1.76%+41.56%2.11%
23,300 JPY +0.63%+3.69%+1.37%1.68%
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24-06-14 3,235 -0.28% 180
24-06-13 3,244 -0.55% 530
24-06-12 3,262 -0.55% 140
24-06-11 3,280 -0.21% 50
24-06-10 3,287 +0.21% 120

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