LONDON (Reuters) - Nigel Farage, the new leader of Britain's right-wing Reform Party, thanked police for their help on Tuesday after footage on social media showed a man throwing objects at him as he waved to crowds in northern England on the campaign trail.

Farage, who is hoping to be elected as a lawmaker at a vote on July 4, had a drink thrown over him last week.

He has been a divisive figure in Britain for years, being the figurehead of euroscepticism for three decades, and is best known for the leading role he played in encouraging people to vote for Brexit in 2016.

In the footage posted on X, the objects, which appeared to be pieces of rubble for a nearby building site, did not appear to hit Farage. The man was later stopped by police.

"My huge thanks to South Yorkshire Police today," Farage, who had been campaigning in Barnsley, said on X. "I will not be bullied or cowed by a violent left-wing mob who hate our country."

(Reporting by Sarah Young; editing by Michael Holden)