The first chart shows the sector performance in 2022. The energy sector still leads the way, ahead of financials and commodities. The other sectors are in negative territory, particularly information technology, healthcare, real estate and consumer discretionary:
Les tendances sectorielles depuis le début de l'année
Sectoral trends since the beginning of the year
On the foreign exchange market, variations are contained even if we note the slight appreciation of the euro against the dollar and the franc.
Le marché des changes en 2022
The foreign exchange market in 2022
On the commodity prices side, the trend visible in energy sector stocks is confirmed with energy prices (oil, natural gas) accelerating by 8% since the beginning of the year. Industrial metals (aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc and lead) are following suit, but by a long way.
Les matières premières
Major commodity classes in 2022
As far as strategy is concerned, value has outweighed growth since January 1.
Value VS Growth
Value outperforms Growth at the beginning of the year