STORY: Bangladesh and India were bracing on Sunday for the first cyclone of the year set to make landfall.

India's weather department said Cyclone Remal is expected to bring wind speeds of 75 miles per hour.

Bangladesh raised its storm danger signal to its highest level of 10 for two ports and nine coastal districts.

The country's chief of disaster management told Reuters that tens of thousands of people have been moved to shelters.

India deployed its disaster relief force in the eastern state of West Bengal, and flights at Kolkata's airport were canceled.

The Indian Navy said it is keeping ships, aircraft, divers, and medical supplies on standby for deployment if required.

The low-lying coasts of Bangladesh and India have experienced frequent severe storms in recent years...

:: May 26, 2021

...including Cyclone Yaas in 2021, which left more than 50,000 people homeless.

The severe weather in the east comes as western India swelters under a deadly heatwave.

Temperatures of nearly 113 degrees Fahrenheit were recorded in parts of the country, which is in the midst of the world's largest election.