"Ghana will have access to about $360 million in financing once the review is approved by IMF management and formally completed by the IMF executive board," the statement said.

"Performance under the IMF-supported programme has been generally strong, with most quantitative targets met. Good progress has also been made on the key structural reform milestones," the IMF added.

The programme is underpinning Ghana's efforts to emerge from its worst economic crisis in a generation.

In January, the IMF board approved an earlier payment to Ghana of $600 million after the government reached a deal to restructure $5.4 billion of loans with its official creditors.

The focus now is on whether Ghana can come to an agreement with a group of international bondholders to restructure $13 billion of debt.

(Reporting by Maxwell Akalaare Adombila and Christian Akorlie; Writing by Alexander Winning and Bhargav Acharya; Editing by Alessandra Prentice and Alex Richardson)