DUBLIN, May 21 (Reuters) - European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde says she is "really confident" that euro zone inflation was under control as the impact of the energy crisis and supply-chain bottlenecks fade away, speaking in an interview aired on Tuesday.

The ECB has all but promised a rate cut on June 6, so policymakers have shifted their attention to debating where rates will go thereafter.

"I'm really confident that we have inflation under control," Lagarde said in an interview broadcast by Ireland's RTE television.

"The forecast that we have for next year and the year after that is really getting very, very close to target, if not at target. So, I am confident that we've gone to a control phase," she said, according to an RTE transcript.

Lagarde also said that Europe must prepare itself for the possible re-election of Donald Trump as U.S. president as "that will have consequences for Europe ... whether it's through tariffs or through other ways and means". (Writing by Conor Humphries; Editing by Alison Williams)