Apple was on fire during Tuesday's trading session, closing up +7.3% and continuing its momentum on Wednesday. The Cupertino-based company's developer conference was eagerly awaited and closely followed by investors and Apple fans alike. Investors were particularly interested in artificial intelligence, a topic on which Apple has remained very discreet until now. Indeed, the company seems to have fallen behind the other tech giants - Nvidia, of course, but also Microsoft, Alphabet and Meta Platforms.

Yet Apple made no revolutionary announcements. Analysts were even rather skeptical in the first hours following the presentation of the projects. As far as AI is concerned, the new "Apple Intelligence" functionalities (note the firm's rather clever pun with the same initials AI as for Artificial Intelligence) are based on a partnership with OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT. Analysts initially felt that this agreement showed that Apple was not in a position to develop in-house technology.

However, on reflection, these same intelligent people concluded that this partnership could lead to others, and that it could be a new source of revenue for the iPhone producer. This, insofar as AI players would undoubtedly be willing to pay Apple to find themselves integrated into the brilliant smartphones, tablets and consorts.

At the same time, Elon Musk was quick to criticize the partnership, officially protesting against the risk of data leaks. But we can also imagine the damage this partnership could cause him. Elon Musk has raised $6 billion for his company xAI, which unveiled Grok, the conversational robot reserved for premium subscribers to his social network X (formerly Twitter).And seeing ChatGPT directly integrated into Apple's operating system won't do his business any favors! Last year, Musk had already called for a truce in AI development, citing data protection as well as a threat to humanity. Elon is definitely going to have to speed up his training if he is to hold on to a raging pack...