Pornthip Sethiwan

Pornthip Sethiwan

Director/Board Member at THAI STANLEY ELECTRIC

Net worth: 2 M $ as of 2024-05-30

57 year
Producer Manufacturing
Consumer Durables
Consumer Services


Pornthip Sethiwan is currently working as a Director at Thai Stanley Electric Public Co., Ltd., as a Non-Executive Director at Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd., as a Director at Sopakanok International Co. Ltd., as an Executive Director at The Sittipol 1919 Co., Ltd., as a Director at Pacific Industries (Thailand) Co. Ltd., as a Director at Daido Sittipol Co. Ltd., as a Director at IRC (Asia) Research Co. Ltd., as a Director at SK Rubber Co. Ltd., as a Director & Vice President at Bike Clinic Co. Ltd., as a Director at Seng Guan Hong Co., Ltd., as a Managing Director at Pacific Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as a Director at Sonic Design Thailand Co. Ltd., and as a Director at Wang Chula Co. Ltd.
Ms. Sethiwan completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Chulalongkorn.

Known holdings in public companies

CompanyDateNumber of sharesValuationValuation date
2023-02-08 4,884,875 ( 2.54% ) 2 M $ 2024-05-30

Pornthip Sethiwan active positions

THAI STANLEY ELECTRIC Director/Board Member 1989-12-31
INOUE RUBBER (THAILAND) Director/Board Member 1994-12-29
The Sittipol 1919 Co., Ltd. Director/Board Member 1989-12-31
Director/Board Member 2010-04-13
Seng Guan Hong Co., Ltd. Director/Board Member 1985-12-31
Sopakanok International Co. Ltd. Director/Board Member 1992-12-31
Bike Clinic Co. Ltd. Director/Board Member 2012-10-08
IRC (Asia) Research Co. Ltd. Director/Board Member 2005-12-31
SK Rubber Co. Ltd. Director/Board Member 2011-02-14
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University of Chulalongkorn Undergraduate Degree

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Producer Manufacturing


Consumer Durables

Private companies11
Sopakanok International Co. Ltd.

The Sittipol 1919 Co., Ltd.

Pacific Industries (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Producer Manufacturing

IRC (Asia) Research Co. Ltd.

SK Rubber Co. Ltd.

Bike Clinic Co. Ltd.

Seng Guan Hong Co., Ltd.

Pacific Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sonic Design Thailand Co. Ltd.

Wang Chula Co. Ltd.

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