Pierre Paschini

Pierre Paschini

Founder at ADF GROUP INC.

Net worth: 46 M $ as of 2024-06-29

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Pierre Paschini is the founder of ADF Group, Inc. which was founded in 1979.
He is currently a member of the American Welding Society, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, The Canadian Welding Bureau, AISC Holdings, Inc., ADF International, Inc., and Ontario Order of Engineers.
He is also the President of ADF International, Inc. and ADF Group USA, Inc. Mr. Paschini received his undergraduate degree from Concordia University in 1980 and from College Dawson in 1976.

Known holdings in public companies

CompanyDateNumber of sharesValuationValuation date
2024-06-16 4,025,607 ( 28.07% ) 46 M $ 2024-06-29

Pierre Paschini active positions

ADF GROUP INC. Founder 1978-12-31
The Canadian Welding Bureau Corporate Officer/Principal 2009-08-27
Corporate Officer/Principal 2009-08-27
Corporate Officer/Principal 2009-08-27
Corporate Officer/Principal 1979-12-31
Ontario Order of Engineers Corporate Officer/Principal 1992-12-31
Ontario Society of Professional Engineers Corporate Officer/Principal 1992-12-31
ADF International, Inc. President -
ADF Group USA, Inc. President -
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Training of Pierre Paschini

Concordia University Undergraduate Degree
College Dawson Undergraduate Degree

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Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

The Canadian Welding Bureau

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ADF International, Inc.

Ontario Order of Engineers

ADF Group USA, Inc.

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