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John Paulson

Founder at Construction Specialist of Nevada, Inc.

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John Paulson is the boss of the investment fund Paulson & Co. founded in 1995. It’s thanks to subprime crisis that he is become famous. Ranked from Trader monthly magazine best trader of the world in 2008, he became a safe value for investment advice. With a fortune amounted to $ 16 billion in 2011, he was ranked as 36th richest people in the world. Today, with $ 36 billion in assets under management, his fund is the third largest global hedge fund.

John Paulson was recognized for his ability to anticipate the market movements. Graduated from Harvard and with an experience in Bear Sterns Investment Bank, he speculated on the housing bubble’s burst and subprime mortgages’ collapse. He created four hedge fund with only one goal: to cover the default risk of these mortgages. One of these funds, the Credit Opportunities opened in early 2007 with $ 130 million, in 12 months was valued at $ 3,2 billion.

John Paulson funds’ assets are valuated at $ 29 billion. His flagship fund, the Paulson Credit, posted a performance of 590% in 2007. Also in 2007, one of his funds invested in agriculture commodities has collected earnings for $ 3,7 billion, another record for the investor who was called by the media “The Sultan subprime”.

John Paulson has hired Alan Greenspan, old Fed’s Chairman.

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Nevastar Investments Corp. President 1985-12-31
Construction Specialist of Nevada, Inc. Founder 2011-04-17
President 1999-12-31
Gold River Operating Corp. President 1999-12-31
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FULL HOUSE RESORTS, INC. Director/Board Member -
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Nevastar Investments Corp.

Construction Specialist of Nevada, Inc.

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