Gérald Streit

Gérald Streit

Chief Executive Officer at DELFINGEN INDUSTRY

47 year
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Gérald Streit is currently the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Delfingen Industry SA and the Chief Executive Officer & Director at DELFINGEN FR - Anteuil.
He is also the Chief Executive Officer & Director at Delfingen Group SA and the Chief Executive Officer at La Maison Bleue - Life SARL.
Additionally, he holds the position of Chairman at Delfingen PT-Porto SA and Wuhan DELFINGEN Automotive Tubing Co., Ltd.
Mr. Streit is also a Director at Delfingen US, Inc., Delfingen US-Holding, Inc., Delfingen RO Valahia SRL, DELFINGEN PH-Filipinas, Inc., DELFINGEN US - Texas, Inc., DELFINGEN US-New York, Inc., Delfingen Ro-Transilvania SRL, Delfingen Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd, Delfingen Sg Filipinas Pte Ltd, Delfingen Siam Co. Ltd., Delfingen Roh Asia Co. Ltd., Delfingen Us-Central America, Inc., Delfingen US-Mexico, Inc., Delfingen HN-Cortes, Delfingen India Pvt Ltd., Delfingen Hebi Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., Delfingen Automotive Parts Wuhan Co., Ltd., Delfingen Jp-Tokyo KK, Delfingen MX-Coahuila SRL, DELFINGEN PH-Cavite, Inc., DELFINGEN DE MARKTRODACH GmbH & Co. KG, Delfingen Tn-Tunis SARL, Delfingen Sk-Nitra Sro, Delfingen De Marktrodach Verwaltungs GmbH, Delfingen Deutschland Holding GmbH, Delfingen Ma-Casablanca SARL, and Delfingen De Muenchberg GmbH.
Mr. Streit's former position includes being the Co-Managing Director at MBG Techbelt Innovation GmbH.

Gérald Streit active positions

DELFINGEN INDUSTRY Chief Executive Officer -
Chief Executive Officer -
Delfingen Sk-Nitra Sro Corporate Officer/Principal -
Delfingen RO Valahia SRL Director/Board Member -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
Delfingen MA – Tanger SARL Corporate Officer/Principal -
DELFINGEN US - Texas, Inc. Director/Board Member -
Director/Board Member -
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Delfingen Siam Co. Ltd.

Delfingen Roh Asia Co. Ltd.

Consumer Services

Producer Manufacturing

Delfingen Ma-Casablanca SARL


Delfingen Hebi Automotive Parts Co. , Ltd.

Delfingen De Marktrodach Verwaltungs GmbH


Delfingen Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd

Delfingen Sg Filipinas Pte Ltd

Delfingen Jp-Tokyo KK

Delfingen India Pvt Ltd.

Delfingen Tn-Tunis SARL

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Delfingen RO Valahia SRL

Process Industries

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Distribution Services

Delfingen MA – Tanger SARL

DELFINGEN US - Texas, Inc.

Delfingen Sk-Nitra Sro

Producer Manufacturing

Delfingen Us-Central America, Inc.

Delfingen US-Mexico, Inc.

Delfingen MX-Coahuila SRL

Process Industries

Wuhan DELFINGEN Automotive Tubing Co., Ltd.

Producer Manufacturing


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