Daily price chart °4946

NASDAQ 100 : Resilience in a difficult environment

Over the past week, the main global indices have deteriorated, responding to concerns about global growth, following the publication of several disappointing statistics. On the other hand, technology...
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HONG KONG HANG SENG : The political context increases volatility

The demonstrations that began in Hong Kong last March and uncertainty about the outcome of the China/US trade dispute have been shaking the index for several months. Today, the Hang Seng is struggling...
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NIKKEI 225 : A look back at long moving averages

Last July, the BoJ decided to continue its accommodative policy by maintaining its main rate at -0.1% and its yield target at 0% for 10-year government bonds. In this environment, the Nikkei touched...
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SMI : A clear level of resistance

The Swiss index seems to be running out of steam after reaching a historic high in September , despite a Swiss currency still very popular with investors, against a backdrop of uncertainty surrounding...
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STOXX EUROPE 600 (EUR) : The 393-point wall is difficult to cross

The European Largium Index has just entered a consolidation phase after testing recent higher levels.  As trade tensions intensify, profit taking is an obstacle to the 2019 performance, which...
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DAX : Close to its annual highs

German stocks remain close to their annual highs. Investors are always attentive to the evolution of trade negotiations between the United States and China, which have a direct impact on German...
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SENSEX BSE30 : Weakening of the configuration

After a strong surge in Indian equities at the beginning of 2019, the Sensex since its peak of 40,270 points has been steadily deteriorating.From this high at the end of May, the index dropped to over...
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Daily price chart °7629

IBEX 35 : The bull rally is being held back

Spanish stocks have been very successful since the low point of mid-August. Thanks to the return of investors, Ibex has, in fact, increased by 500 points or 6% The main contributors to the index’s...
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Daily price chart °101835

HONG KONG HANG SENG : Always under pressure

Listed shares in Hong Kong are recovering thanks to a certain political calm in the city, even if the performance of the Hang Seng in 2019 remains well below the plan average. However, the news...
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OMX NORDIC 40 : Persistent lateralisation

Northern European stocks have had a positive year but are still leading the way with the best index returns . >L’OMX40 Nordic aggregates the 40 largest capitalizations from three countries: Denmark,...
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Daily price chart °7508

SMI : Index push + currency gain = double bonus

Swiss stocks are still rising, allowing the SMI to beat a new historical record at 10,100 points. This index rise takes on even more value when we know that the Swiss franc has remained widely sought...
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NASDAQ 100 : Greater elasticity in commercial advertising

Technology stocks are once again on the radar of investors returning to risky assets, motivated by a lull in negotiations over the Sino-American trade dispute. The Nasdaq reacts with a stronger...
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S&P 500 : Attempted bullish eviction

American indices are driven by calmness in trade negotiations. The SP500 has taken the opportunity to rebound by 3% since the recent low of August 23 The values that drive the index up are in the...
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Daily price chart °7396

EURO STOXX 50 : Driven by a political lull in Europe

The euro zone's major index is returning to the brink of resistance. Since the low point of 15 August, the EuroStoxx 50 has advanced by 5.1%, recently driven by a political calm in Europe , thus...
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Daily price chart °7395

DAX : Revival of industrial values

German equities are back on the rise in an optimistic phase . This relaunch allows the DAX to recover 3.5% over the past two weeks, thus bringing the annual earnings to 14%. During this reference...
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