ETF overview :  Travel, biotechs and pets

ETF overview : Travel, biotechs and pets

This week in the ETF round-up, we take a trip and dream of a post-Covid world. We will continue with an ETF designed to invest on the trend of pets. We will finish our overview with an ETF on...
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NIKKEI 225 : Mixed climate

Japanese equities start the new decade with some volatility, after a good 2019 vintage. The Nikkei has fallen by 0.34% in a mixed climate, between the optimism about international trade and the...
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S&P/ASX 200 : Within the index, exceptional career paths

At the other end of the planet, the Australian Enlarged Index, the S&P/ASX 200, achieved a good 2019 vintage, accumulating more than 19.7% since the beginning of the year. The 200 stocks in the...
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STOXX EUROPE 600 (EUR) : Inflexible ascension

The lull in world trade has boosted European values in a context where monetary relaxation is an additional pillar of market support The components of the Stoxx 600 globally validate upward...
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NIKKEI 225 : An exceptional month

Japanese stocks had one of their best months ever, with a 9% increase. The relaxation on international trade has a direct impact on Japanese values. The winners of this monthly sequence prove it....
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BRAZIL IBOVESPA : Reforms boost the stock market

The Brazilian stock market maintains excellent momentum, thanks to the retirement reform that drives buying initiatives. Investment bank Banco BTG Pactual achieved the best performance over the...
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S&P 500 : Buyer winds remain strong

Closure has characterized the behavior of U.S. equities over the past month. The progress is gradual and seamless. The Sp500 thus gained more than 4% over the last sliding month. The contributors to...
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DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL : It's a party on Wall Street

The euphoria persists on Wall Street where the indices are beating record after record. Daily increases pile up to form a one-way trajectory . Everything is pre-packaged for price increases, while on...
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EURO STOXX 50 : Industrial companies are back in the radar again

In a context of geographical, economic and monetary relaxation , the Euro Stoxx 50 returns to its highest levels in February 2018 at 3625 points, thus bringing its 2019 performance to 20.5%.  In...
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NASDAQ 100 : Crossing the 8000 point wall

Technology stocks are shining again on Wall Street. This time, the index rise is less concentrated by the GAFAs, a situation that is still valid today, but no longer by the majority of the components....
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SMI : Climbing route

“The Swiss major index has achieved a quality performance over 2019, accumulating more than 21% to date. This performance is highlighted because it is accompanied by an increase in the currency,...
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DAX : Driven by the wind of commercial hopes

German values respond positively to hopes of a lull in the trade war. Indeed, some sectors had suffered terribly from the resurgence of protectionism. >In the last month of October, the Frankfurt...
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S&P/TSX COMPOSITE INDEX : Sectoral trade-offs are severe

The major Canadian index, which currently includes 233 companies, has undergone a major consolidation phase since the end of the first quarter. More sensitive to price variations in raw materials or...
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STOXX EUROPE 600 (EUR) : Close to an acceleration of prices

Driven by hopes of negotiations on Brexit, Stoxx Europe 600, which includes stocks from 17 countries, has been gaining since the beginning of October ....
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SENSEX BSE30 : Lower taxes, higher shares

Sensex’s actions have recovered well thanks to the recent surprise drop in corporate taxes from 30% to 22%. The Bombay Stock Exchange had, on the other hand, celebrated this news with a 5.3%...
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